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The Music of Valencia

What is Valencia

Valencia is a tale told via a storyteller and then presented in music after each part of the story has been spoken. 

The Story of Valencia

Concept artwork

Part 1 - Morning of life

Valencia, is a young woman who married her beloved and after years is still very much in love and even more so. One spring morning as she wakes and sees the sun streaming in the window and hearing the bird song outside she sings of her delight and favour she must have with the Gods for living such a wonderful existence. Little does she know, she has awoken to a room of death.


Part 2 - Morning of death

As she opens the window to let the light stream into the room she touches her beloved’s hand and finds it cold and as she calls his name over and over and moves his lifeless body to try and awaken him, she realises the worst has happen and he has died while they slept. She embraces his lifeless body and with tears streaming down her face starts to plead with the Gods for help. ‘Bring him back, bring him back!’ She screams. The Gods hearing her plea remain silent as they watch Valencia weep over her husband. 

Part 3 - A love story

After many days Valencia is still withdrawn from the world heartbroken and in constant mourning. She does not speak to anyone but instead pleads day and night with the Gods for pity. Night after night she tells of stories of how their love blossomed and grew over the years. Stories of such love and dedication. The Gods listened intently and one answered and said to her to show her continued love and dedication to her husband by planting a flower on his grave everyday for the next year and if she succeeds to maintain that dedication and creates beauty where there is death they will show pity on her.

Part 4 - A grave garden  

Everyday for one year Valencia tends to her husbands grave and plants and maintains a beautiful garden of such colours that is does not even look like a grave anymore. It is the last day and Valencia is overcome with happiness that on this day the Gods will take pity on her and return her beloved to her again. She prepares herself and has the final flower ready to plant today. 

As she prepares there is a knock at the door. She normally doesn’t answer the door since her husband had died but because she was so full of joy she raced to the door and opening said “what a beautiful day it is today!”. She then heard a child’s voice, ‘Flowers miss?’. Valencia looked down and saw a little boy holding a bunch of flowers with a cart behind him full of flowers. She could not breathe and stood in shock as she realised they were the flowers from her husbands grave. She ran past the boy crying shouting, ‘It cannot be!, it cannot be!”.

Part 5 - Lost hope

Valencia approaches the grave where there was once a bed of flowers of all colours now lay bare with her husbands grave stone standing alone as it did that first day. Valencia is heartbroken and falls to her knees in dismay. ‘My love, my love’, she cries. ‘My forever, where now can I find you? Please come back to me, please come back’. She continues to pour out her suffering which then turns to anger and back and forth her emotions are wrestling as she tries to understand what has happened. 

Part 7 - Pity as a gift

As she weeps and shares her words of love with her beloved gone, she sees one flower left beside the grave and holds it in her hands and lifts it to the sky and says to the Gods, ‘See, I have one left, one for my love’. She takes the flower and plants it at the foot of the grave and says, ‘I’ll start again my love, I will start again’. The Gods are listening and look upon Valencia with great pity because they have never seen such devotion and love.


After what seems an eternity in suffering she lifts her head to find colour all around her and her husband's grave nowhere to be seen but the most beautiful garden her eyes have ever gazed upon. Flowers she had never seen before with such colour and fragrance she almost forgot why she was there. Then she felt the warmth of a light on her face but it was more than that. It was like an embrace of love. She stood up to look around, flowers for as far as her eyes could see. She hears a rustling behind her in the grass as if footsteps were approaching her. She turns and catches the glimpse of a figure walking toward her. She wipes her eyes and tries to see through the light all around until she sees her beloved's face. She cannot move for fear of losing this vision until she sees clearly his eyes gazing at her with the same love they shared when they were together. My love, he says. We are now together forever. 

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